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About Us

We will sell retail your product at our brick and mortar store and by leveraging online sales platforms, we will follow and enforce your MAP pricing, increase your sales and amplify your brand awareness and credibility.
We handle the commerce process from beginning to end, monitor product problems, trends and new opportunities and follow up on end consumers to ensure complete satisfaction.
Best of all, our services are completely free.

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Our Story

•    Consumer Hapiness
Goal is to fully satisfy our customers. We maintain 100% customer satisfaction.
•    Product Quality
We supply quality products and provide quality products at a reasonable price.
•    Timely Delivery
Our products are available for purchase year round, and in most cases are delivered within 2-3 days after order


LUCBAY LLC has been actively selling on e-commerce platforms and owes our success to our focus on customer service and our diligence in sourcing new products.

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